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i hate teachers who dont let u go to the bathroom because “too many people went already” like yea but none of those people were me and our bladders arent connected so just because they peed already doesnt mean i dont have to pee anymore

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a Quest is a trip to accomplish a task.

an Adventure is a trip without a destination.

a Journey is when the trip is more important than the destination.

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I’ve been waiting for this post all my life 

the disclaimer though

reblogging again because I actually read the disclaimer this time…

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1989 - Nashville, Tennessee - September 27. These photographs were allegedly taken on September 27, 1989, near Nashville,Tennessee and used to build a model for theatrical events.

The photographs show strong circular columns of light shining down from the craft that suddenly stop in mid-air.

Our spotlights do not function in this manner.

Good, clear photos for a change. Real or fake?

looks like a god damn space ship to me mang!

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Adult Swim: The Dawn Is Your Enemy

You guys all know the Adult Swim sign-off bumper “The Dawn Is Your Enemy”? There’s a reason they don’t show it much anymore. It’s supposed to run for only 9 seconds and here’s a rough transcript of the audio: Resonating metal, followed by a rumbling sound, followed by scraping metal, and another rumble. End bumper.

Its a bit strange and maybe it even gave you goosebumps, but there’s a reason for that. It was used to scare off children who were still tuned in to Adult Swim after Cartoon Network had run it’s course. Usually a Cartoon Network employee would enter the control room left by an Adult Swim crew member and take over for the day. The usual man scheduled to cue the sign-on in the morning for Cartoon Network for some reason didn’t start up the day schedule. No one knows if he did this purposefully or if his contract was terminated after the incident. 

This was the least of the problems CN had at the time. What followed the common nine seconds was and extended two-minute broadcast of some of the most horrifying audio ever heard on television. 

The metal continued to resonate and the scraping continued. Slowly, an uncontrollable sobbing became clearer. As the metal scraped, the screaming grew louder. Soon you could hear the slicing of flesh, the grinding of bones, the guttural death rattle of people dying. All across the United States, millions of children and adults were being exposed to what sounded like a brutal mass murder. People were calling in from across the country, crying and begging and sobbing for it to be turned off. It couldn’t be.

Someone hooked up the bump to be a rogue broadcast which disabled the ability to change channels. Anyone tuned in would see it on every channel. For a grueling two-minutes, the sound of a hundred people being tortured to death played on.

The control room was finally taken back and the bump was shut down. In the last few moments as the noise was growing unbearable, the channel showed the peaking sun winking at the viewer just before it cut to bar and tones.

While public evidence does not officially exist, Cartoon Network does acknowledge a highjacking of the channels frequency on that day but will not go into any further detail about it. Although I can only find the original 9 second bump, word is that somewhere on a .onion site, accessible only via Tor, there is a recording of the full audio.


The Cabin In the Woods in Helltown Ohio, Also Mutants.

Depending on who you ask there are two abandoned structures in the Helltown woods that play the part of the infamous “cabin in the woods”. The story of the cabin in the woods tells that somewhere in the forests of Helltown there is an abandoned residence that when approached a heavy fog will set in sealing it off from the outside world and making it impossible to navigate the terrain. Some claim that the cabin is a specific house not far from the Highway to Hell. 

The other structure pointed to as the Helltown cabin in the woods is in fact the barn shown in the image. The barn of course pulls in the Satanic cult myths from before, but also includes from time to time stories of red eyes that appear in the fog, luring you into the building. To be chopped up by satanists presumably.

Because there’s never enough weirdness, supposedly there are supposed to be mutants skulking around the area between the cabin and the highway. There are two stories about how this came to be. One tells that a chemical plant exploded and another tells that there was a massive illegal chemical dump in the Cuyahoga River just upstream from the area known as Helltown.

These stories lead into a massive 30ft python (which you would think somebody might have caught on film by now) to a single hiker caught in the chemicals that mutated in to a sort of half human super powered monster. The “Peninsula Python”, a gigantic snake that wanders Helltown’s woods for food of the human sort is said to live in the river, while the mutant hiker is said to live in that small abandoned house in the woods. You know, the one with the fog and the red eyes and the why.


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